Safety comes first


Whilst on the water, members and boats of the DLRG (Deutsche Lebensrettungsgesellschaft; German Life-Saving Society) will be looking after everyone's safety. Emergency paramedics will also be stationed on the riverbanks.

The maritime police services and the waterways authorities are collaborating with the regatta, and will be ensuring that commercial shipping services are properly warned and held up while races are running. Before the contest, all teams must confirm the suitability of participants to take part (fitness, swimming).

Liability exclusion (Disclaimer) / Safety regulations:


Dragon Boat is a sport for all standards, from a general fun activity to a serious competitive sport, which requires the use of the whole body. Each competitor must be able to swim at least 50m in light clothing, and be in a physical condition that enables him/her to carry out this kind of exercise.


Children & teenagers under the age of 18 require the permission of a parent or guardian, this should be included with the application forms


The team captain is responsible for his team, in respect of the race rules and the safety regulations. He/she will be responsible for making sure that his/her team has been informed about the rules for the competitors, the disclaimer, and the safety rules.


Instructions from either the Organiser, their officials (for example the judge of the race, the helmsman or the water safety service) are to be adhered to at all times.


Each competitor takes part in either the race or training at his/her own risk


The organizer, associated organisations & their employees accept no liability. This includes loss or damage to any articles that are brought along by the competitors.


A breach of any of the rules, instructions, safety regulations or unsportsmanlike behaviour can lead to disqualification of individual members or the whole team.


Paddler or drummers that are notably under the influence of alcohol may not be allowed to take part.


A team consisting of less than 16 paddlers will not be allowed to start


The team-captain is responsible for informing his team about the rules of participation/terms & conditions, and the disclaimer. He/she is responsible for making sure that the safety instructions are kept to. The participants take part at their own risk, the organizer accepts no liability. A breach of any of the safety regulations or terms & conditions of participation can lead to disqualification of individual members or the whole team.