Verbindungen mit dem ÖPNV zum Versanstaltungsort an
Frankfurts schönstem Flussufer:

Trams (Straßenbahn) with the numbers 11 or 12, or Underground (U-Bahn) U4, U5 to Dom/Römer, then simply over the Eiserner Steg to the event

Trams (Straßenbahn) with the numbers 15,16 or 19, to Schweizer-/Gartenstrasse, head towards the river and the Untermainbrücke to the event

Trams (S-Bahn) with the numbers 5 or 6, or Underground (U-Bahn) U1, U2 or U3 direction Südbahnhof, around 10 minutes on foot towards the river over the Schweizerstrasse.


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Whoever travels with the tram or underground in Frankfurt, travels with the VGF

The Frankfurt Transport Association (VGF) is the sixth biggest in Germany, and maintains the largest Bus & Tram network in Frankfurt. The VGF brings commuters to work, tourists to the places of interest, or business people to the exhibition centre. Whether Sachsenhausen or Bornheim, Waldstadion or the Opera, there is no suburb or institution that can’t be reached with the buses and trains of the VGF. No problems with traffic jams, or worries about a parking space, just quick & reliable.

Travelling with a car

Due to the fact that around the event there are no direct parking areas, we recommend that you park in the following car parks situated nearby

The following car parks are those situated nearest

Parkhaus "Kaiserplatz": Fr + Sa + So: 0.00 Uhr bis 24.00 Uhr
Parkhaus "Römer": Fr + Sa:
7.00 Uhr bis 01.00 Uhr
9.00 Uhr bis 24:00 Uhr
Parkhaus "Am Theater": Fr + Sa: 7.00 Uhr bis 24:00 Uhr
Parkhaus "Hbf.- Süd": Fr:
Sa + So:
6.30 Uhr bis 22.00 Uhr
Parkhaus "Intercontinental": Fr + Sa + So: 0.00 Uhr bis 24.00 Uhr
Parkhaus "Baseler Platz": Fr: 7.00 Uhr bis 21.00 Uhr

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Attention: Flea market

The Schaumainkai will be closed to traffic from 5am to 6pm on the 16th June 2007 due to the weekly flea market, between the Friedensbrücke (leading to & from the main train station) and the Alte Brücke