Are you ready?


Rules & regulations

The captain will be the sole contact person for the team, and only he/she will deal with the race organizers, officials, as well as all other entrusted individuals working with the organizers.


Every team has 18-20 paddlers, one drummer and replacement (maximum 25 persons)


A team consisting of less than 16 paddlers will take part as an unofficial competitor


Boats for the race will be provided by the organizers.


All necessary equipment and experienced helmsmen for training and the races will be provided by the organizer for company- and schools-cup. The use of your own paddles in these cups is not allowed.


During the race itself to determine the tempo, no other means except with the voice or the drum is allowed.


Any other means of assistance i.e. fixing of the feet with straps to increase stability, are also not allowed.


The race distance is around 300 m. The start is at the Untermainbruecke, the finish is short before Eiserner Steg.


On race day every team must be complete and to have registered at least 1 hour before the start of their first race. For the following races please make sure, that your team will be at the Untermainbrücke at least 30 minutes before your next start.


Start signal is:
1. "Are you ready?" -> if the teams has technical problems, the drummer has to wave with both arms, so that the start can be stopped
2. "Attention!" -> all paddlers in starting position
3. "Go!" + starting shot -> Here we go! Now it's your time to paddle.


Start is at the Untermainbrücke. In case of bad weather conditions, the starter is allowed to shorten the start procedure. Ahead he has to inform the team by the following command"Schnellstart" ("Quickstart") In this case the start signal will be shortened to "Attention"+shot


Jump the gun will be punished with either a warning or disqualification


The drummer has to start drumming at the latest 50 m after start and continue drumming until the team cross the finish line


In case of collision of two or more boats during the race the officials will decide if the race is valid or if it has to be repeated. As a basic rule all races have to be finished, if there is no danger for the competitors


Start- & finish mark at the boats is he the back of the drummers seat


Every team has to return to the boarding-area with a complete crew directly after the race.The race is only finished, when the entire crew has arrived at the boarding-area by boat.


Positions will be jugded by video and two referees, there will be no time measurement during the races


Paddler or drummers that are notably under the influence of alcohol may not be allowed to take part.


A breach of any of the rules, instructions, safety regulations or unsportsmanlike behaviour can lead to disqualification of individual members or the whole team.


Positions in case of a dead-heat race will be decided by drawing lots


Protest against the referees decision has to officially placed no later than 15 minutes after the official result announcement at the race management centre. Special judges will make a decision regarding the protest.